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Aesthetics Courses

Are you good with skin care and have a habit of giving informed advice on which skin care products people should use? If so, then an Aesthetics course may be for you. Aestheticians are skin care specialists who work in the beauty, medical or fashion industries, providing facials, hair removal, exfoliation, and even makeup or skin formula application tips.

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Career options and possible career trajectory

LayersAesthetic Therapist
LayersHealth & Skincare Therapist (Laser, Aesthetic, Beauty Treatments)
LayersMedical Advisor (Aesthetics and Iron)
LayersAesthetic Doctor

Recommended Competencies

  • Exudes a keen interest in Aesthetic
  • Embraces a holistic approach to appearance improvemen
  • Appreciates and harnesses the benefits of operating as part of a tea
  • Welcomes new technologies and treatment
  • Has an inquiring mindset with an appetite for learning and personal growth

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