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Aircraft Maintenance Courses

Why study aircraft maintenance? It’s a fulfilling career because you’ll be ensuring the safety of all those who travel on board the planes you service. This is an indispensible role in aeronautics because you’ll learn how to repair and maintain aircraft so they remain in perfect flying condition. Broadly, aviation maintenance technology teaches the science, theory and skills required to work in this field. Your studies will cover aircraft rules and regulations, aerodynamics, theory of flight, metallurgy, electronics and general engineering.

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Career options and possible career trajectory

LayersAircraft Maintenance Technician
LayersAircraft and engine repair
LayersPerformance Verifier
LayersAircraft inspector

Recommended Competencies

  • Passion for airplanes and interest in mechanics
  • Rigorousness with the fulfillment of all the quality standards
  • Ability to cope with stress

Skills to learn next

  • Aviation
  • Languages