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Electrician Courses

Are you handy and would like to pursue a career installing and maintaining electrical equipment? An Electrician course will equip you with the knowledge and skills required to perform basic preventive maintenance on a selected array of equipment, following scheduling requirements and manufacturer's guidelines, and by using trouble-shooting techniques and proper tool care.

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LayersInstallation Electrician
LayersElectrical Assistant
LayersMaintenilce Electrician
LayersAuto Electrician

Recommended Competencies

  • Knowledge of preventive maintenance scheduling and ability to clean and care for tools.|| Ability to follow manufacturer's guidelines and perform routine scheduling on a limited assortment of equipment.|| Knowledge of diagnosing typical equipment failures and causes of failures.|| Skill in differentiating major and minor failures, and ability to select appropriate response.|| Skill in assisting higher-graded employees in performing equipment repairs, and following safety guidelines.

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