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The Department of Biological Sciences first started in 2012 and offers a four (4) year B.Sc. honours degree programmes in Biology and Microbiology. It also caters for the training of staff (staff development). Studying Biological Sciences at Evangel University offers an undergraduate education that is internationally recognised and respected. Tuition and living costs are also affordable, with no compromise whatsoever to academic quality or lifestyle; Career opportunities for the biologists and microbiologist abound in the educational (academic and research institutions), health (medical, veterinary and pharmaceutical), industry (food, pharmaceutical, agricultural, and petroleum) and environmental (aquatic and waste management and control). Truly, Evangel University is an international University with an academic curriculum in Biological Sciences that offers a diverse and wide range of courses and research interest that are aimed at equipping the student with high learning and life-long problem solving skills.


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Science is one of the major determinants of the present day modern society. The two academic programmes in the Biological Science Department are aimed at training students to acquire a deeper understanding of the nature of science and the knowledge of it produces. Therefore, the Department is working towards producing scientific and technological manpower needed to meet the dreams and aspiration of the state and Nigeria in general. Thus the following are the prime objectives of the Department.i. To incorporate Godly virtues into the learning processes in the University.ii. To inculcate the fundamental principles of science to all its undergraduates and postgraduate students.iii. To develop the capability for innovation and improvisation using locally available resources.iv. To apply scientific methods in industrial and technological development with a view to solving the problems of our society. It is hoped therefore that students graduating from the Department will be able toa. Meet the needs of the state, country and world at large for the teaching of all forms of science subjects in various institutions of learning.b. Fit into positions in the research and development of institution of many ministries and parastatals in the state and federal government.c. Set up small-scale industries and other allied companies as a result of the acquired practical, computing techniques and applied training obtained from the Department. ​​
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