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Considered by many to be the central science among the science subjects, chemistry has a wide range of industrial applications that affect our daily lives. You’ll have access to modern instrumentation and gain practical experience in associated laboratory coursework. The program offers flexibility through open electives to allow you to pursue individual career goals. The program is structured around fundamental science subjects, core chemistry, analytical chemistry, chemical skills and applications of chemistry in organic and petroleum chemistry.

The department runs a four year undergraduate degree programme of two semesters per session. The chemistry department presently has 10 academic staff, 3 intermediate/advanced laboratories. At present the department has 2 professors, 4 senior lecturers, 3 lecturers I, one assistant lecturer. The Head of Department is the administrative and academic head and assisted by both the academic and nonacademic staff in the running of the department. 400 level students of the department are currently working in different areas of the society, such as the academia and industries for their SIWES program.

The program is designed to produce skilled graduates who could be self- reliant, employed, and job-creators that can effectively transform the natural resources of their environments into goods and services.

The Mission is to give an education that make students to face the challenges of a globalized world. For this, Chemistry Department aims to generate and use knowledge to make human life more easy by using all branches of chemistry.


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