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This intensive course is designed to provide students with the knowledge and necessary skills required for entry into the interior design industry. The course is also an excellent foundation for further study and affords an ideal opportunity for anyone working within the industry who is seeking to further their career or broaden their understanding of the fundamentals of interior design.

How This Course Will Benefit Your Career

Successful completion of the course, combined with appropriate work experience, should enable students to forge a professional career in the interior design industry. Students on the Certificate course are eligible to become student members of the African Association of Interior Designers with the advantage of valuable networking opportunities and a wide ranging programme of Continuing Professional Development.
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You must be over 18 years of age*Proficiency in English Language*You must have completed High School*You must pass an interview with the Admission OfficerNo previous experience in design field is necessary but it is necessary to have enthusiasm, creative flair and dedication for a true fascinating profession.

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Pick up a registration form and register for a particular session.... a new session opens every month

Detailed course information

The Visual Language of Design
The first module discusses our philosophy of interior design and decoration and introduces you to a number of concepts. You are given a new understanding to help you learn how you see and what you look for when observing design in the world around you. You are given insight to help you learn to be a first rate designer.
The module sets out an overview on the 12 elements of design and introduces you to a new way of understanding what you are seeing. This chapter opens the world of visual images, so you can begin to see the meaning and messages behind the styles and decorative images you encounter. Later, as you begin to use these images to create your own designs, knowing the language of design will add originality and creativity to your work
Module 2
The history of Style Decoration and Architecture
This comprehensive and fascinating chapter starts with cave paintings and takes you through the history of design and architecture to the present day. Loaded with images and information, module 2 will help you become an expert when choosing the perfect style, proportion and structural detail your future design work will require.
This chapter builds on the ideas set out in module 1, as it sweeps you through history giving you an in-depth lesson, in the origins of the language of design.
Module 3
Styles of Design-speaking the language fluently
Here you will learn how, at the outset of the project, to make strategic and conceptual decisions about where you want to take a design and why. You will learn how to go beyond decoration and how to create a sense of ambience. This chapter will help you establish a method of evaluation of the site and also of its creative and emotional possibilities, while you are discussing the elements of a room and the best suited elements of furniture, shapes and styles.
You will be given the opportunity to build your confidence by employing a frame work for a project in a cohesive, professional manner that will ensure a consistent result. You will learn to build a game plan methodically in other to begin making creative choices without confusion or indecision.
Practical class – wall murals
Module 4
Scale-Space planning and proportion
Here you will begin to develop plans for renovation. The discussion of space in this chapter is a conceptual and a practical one. After being presented with an inspiring and informative tutorial on this essential commodity of interior design, you will be asked to develop the space plan, and you begin to understand the possibilities of structure, space and new uses of a residential plan.
You will be the master of the result in this interactive exercise that will culminate, by the end of the course, in a complete assignment for your first professional portfolio.
Module 5
Light and Lighting
Here you will be taught about the properties of light and the orientation of a space. You will learn how light effects color, fabrics surfaces and so many of the design decisions you need to make in your work. You will learn about the properties of artificial light, and its endless possibilities. You will be given an understanding of the technical and aesthetic possibilities of ambient, decorative and task lighting.
Finally you will be taught how to incorporate these ideas into your plan as you renovate the residential project started in module 4. You will learn how to prepare your ideas and communicate them in documents for the electrician, builders and suppliers who will install your creative visions.
Module 6
Color- The Most Potent And Flexible Element Of Design
You will learn how to use colour fearlessly. You will be taught the properties of color. History of color and the psychology of colour. Then you will learn how to introduce color into an interior in a way that allows you to change your mind, experiment and play.
You will learn there are no bad colors, only bad combinations You will be giving some useful guidelines to build your understanding when using color, and the freedom to find new inspired applications and combinations.
Practical class – High fashioned blinds
Module 7
Finishes – Surface of the envelope –Floor Walls, Ceilings
In this chapter, you will begin to understand how to apply the concept of three-dimensional design to the reality of a finished space. You will learn how to use floors, walls and ceilings, to create a beautiful and functional setting which supports any furnishing choice and end use. You will see the key to a professional and enduring interior design is the finish of the shell around the object that it will house.
You will learn how to specify finishes which have the greatest impact for the least expenditure, including specialized and fantasy finishes. You will also learn how to identify finishes that suit the functional requirements of any end use. You will also learn the practical reality of which finish gets installed first. Consequently, you will begin learning the important matter of managing the installation of your design job in the proper order.
Module 8
Fabrics, Window Treatments and Home Textiles
The informative and delightful will introduce you to the beauty and luxury of decorative fabrics. The endless possibilities of stunningly beautiful textiles will be revealed, along with the survey of the history and the present day state of the art. Fabrics, window treatments and home textiles exists in their own universe of design complexity.
In this module, some of the lure of the world of decorative textiles, will be shared with you. The importance of superb fabrics in interior design is inseparable. You will learn where to find the most wonderful fabrics and how to use them with style and flair. You will be given criteria and technical information which will help you choose the current types of fabrics and home textiles for the required end use. You will begin to gain confidence to transform space, proportion, scale texture and mood, with wit and fabrics. You’ll be treated to a delightful explanation of the possibilities of window treatments, which may inspire you to design them with the gusto of a haute-couture designer designing a ball gown.
Module 9
Furniture, Art and Accessories
The pinnacle of great design is working with the most beautiful and carefully selected object, furniture and art. With reference to module 2, and the history of interior design, we will survey the world of furniture and its many uses and applications. Our earlier discussions of the elements of design, will literally take shape, as we translate these theories into the reality of placing beautiful objects into perfectly planned and thought-out spaces.
Here you will begin to build a sense of mastery when your space plan and elevations come to life with the furnishings that extend your designs to completion. Your sense of accomplishment and of your own potential, will speak for itself when you begin to see the result of your hard work and inspiration in the course.
Practical class – Events
Your Client- How to listen and create the environment they desire
This chapter teaches you the work practices of professional designer. You will be shown the vital procedures and thought processes to bring a design to completion in the real world. From the start of a project , you will learn how to support your creative knowledge with the practical knowledge that ensures finished result.
This module is essential for any student planning to work professionally in the design industry. It will also give you important information to bring work in on schedule for any design project, whether for yourself or for a client
Module 11
Communicating Accurately
Here you will be taught how to document your designs for clients, contractors and for your own understanding. Preparing drawings and plans will be de-mystified. You will begin to understand the drawings are your friends because they help you to make better and more informed design choices. You will learn the way a set of drawings can help you win a job and to manage and co-ordinate different trades, people & contractors.
A good set of drawing ensures your great ideas are interpreted correctly. Nothing is more delightful than seeing a design concept spring to life as you’ve imagined it. Knowing how to document your ideas will help to guarantee you this pleasure.
Practical class - Kitchens
Module 12
Setting up your Business – Entrepreneurial and Legal (contracting) Classes
Here you will learn to see yourself in a context of the design industry. You will be given professional guide from the community of respected and successful design professionals. You will also be given valuable support information regarding business regarding business development, business practice and market positioning.
This advice is provided by outstanding business consultants who work with creative professionals. If you are considering making design your career, this may be the device chapter that is a stepping stone to your future success.

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