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The College of Post-graduate Studies of Veritas University, Abuja was conceived as a centre of research excellence for training in research and the extraction of truth which is incontrovertible in all its ramifications given contemporary assault on its elements. The College was established as a response to the demands of the second phase development strategy of the University. Consequently, the establishment of the College of Post-graduate Studies (CPS) was approved by the University Senate through a resolution passed at the 32nd Meeting of Senate of Veritas University, Abuja held on January 31, 2013. The principles for establishing the College are in tandem with the statutes that established Veritas University as conceptualized by its founding fathers. A key point in their idea of a university and the training of young people is a formation process which holistically ensures that graduates of Veritas University are brought up to live the Christian life through integrity, humility, hard work, discipline creativeness as enshrined in the practice of the Catholic faith. The College of Post graduate Studies was conceived to promote these core values in the engagement of teaching, research and community service.
The name of the College shall be College of Post-graduate Studies (CPS) as approved by the Senate of Veritas University, Abuja. The College shall run Post-graduate Diploma (PGD), Master of Arts (M.A) and Master of Science (M.Sc) degree programmes for now.
The vision of the College is to see Veritas University become a major centre of research in the next decade and in particular a specialized training centre providing solutions to key human development challenges in the context of holistic human formation process accessible to all.
Through research and training, the mission of the College is to develop research skills that focus on sustainable human development in the humanities, social sciences and natural and applied sciences where national and international bottle necks obstruct human and technological progress.
The vision of the College is to see Veritas University become a major centre of research in the next decade and in particular a specialized training centre providing solutions to key human development challenges in the context of holistic human formation process accessible to all.


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The objectives of the College are:Bring out the truth in the light of evident and prevailing circumstancesObserve and research into renewal programmes and technologies to find solutions to limiting factors the process human development in order to preserve human existence.Research work in the University will not only be sensitive to current problems of the society but draw its focus from global threads and trends given Nigeria’s international relevance.The University’s global context therefore, means that international linkages will play a significant role as the students will be encouraged to aim at pushing further the frontiers of knowledge.Research and post-graduate work in the University will address, mindful of project effort into local and international collaboration, the obstacles to development in Africa particularly, Nigeria.​​
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REQUIREMENTS FOR AWARD OF DEGREE:Taught courses will be externally moderated. The setting of questions will involve the vetting by external Examiners, and when graded by the internal examiners, the scripts will be forwarded to the external examiners for verification of the marks and grades and the scripts returned to the departments.All results must be approved by the College Board and Senate.'Externally examined' should mean to vet, check the marking scheme and questions before and after written examination and report to the Vice- Chancellor.Candidate should have a minimum of 3.0 CGPA.Supervision will be conducted by a team of supervisors for the Masters degree and above. This is necessary to ensure that all areas of a subject (topic) are effectively considered especially where the students have to deal with an inter-disciplinary subject.Candidate whose research work is considered to be unsatisfactory by his Department will be asked to withdraw on a resolution of the College Board and Senate respectively.Copies of all Dissertations will reach the Post-graduate College at least two months before the Convocation in which the candidate wants to be presented for the award of the degree.A minimum of six copies of the final work of the temporarily bound Dissertation will be submitted to the department. After the Dissertation defence, the candidate will make all necessary corrections and submit four copies of the properly bound Dissertation with certification by the Board of Examiners to the Post-graduate College.For each Post-graduate student, there will be a Board of Examiners for Dissertation defence comprising at least five members, which must include members of the project Supervisory Committee, the External Examiner, who will be the Chairman and must be someone of at least Senior Lecturer grade, and a representative of the Post-graduate College who must be an academic with relevant background.There will be an oral defence of Dissertation, and each student must satisfy the Examiners in this regard in order to qualify for graduation.For a student to be in good academic standing, he/she must obtain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 at the end of each Session. This will be so whether it is masters degree or PGD programme.A student who absents him/herself for two consecutive semesters without a valid reason may be asked to withdraw from the University, irrespective of his cumulative grade point average.A student, for good reason and with the approval of Senate and upon recommendation by the Dean, may suspend his programme of study for a maximum of one calendar year.A student who transfers from one programme to another or from another University may be credited with those course credit units earned which are relevant to the curriculum of the new programme.​​

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